Dry aging is the optimum and most consistent method of meat maturation that does not disturb the tissue "make up", while holding and indeed intensifying the flavour profile.

The end result is meat that is more "Consistent, Tender, and Flavoursome (more intense with a slight nutty profile), with less Shrinkage (10% less than a standard steak - Proven!)" than any other offering available.

Why choose Dry Aged beef from Ashbrook Foods?

We're passionate about our beef so we produce Dry aged beef using the best available meat.

Our beef comes from traditional beef cattle, including breeds of cattle such as Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and sometimes crossed with beef  breeding continental cattle. Cattle come from grass fed farms that use extensive production systems reared in pure natural conditions and finished under 30 months to ensure tender beef. To guarantee a consistent product we source beef from a tight specification from trusted suppliers. Our beef is hand selected and butchered to each customers specification. Our Dry Aged beef is then matured for at least 21 days to produce a product which is both tender and has a more intense flavor than wet aged beef

To produce the consistent natural depth of flavour and tenderness requires the best beef, time and our own perfected dry ageing process.